Thursday, 11 December 2008


So... Not posted for a while. Just haven't had the time really or too much of interest to post about!
Shortly after my last post i recorded my 2nd ever losing month and my 2nd losing month in a row!!! Things clearly haven't been going too great! Nothing drastic, down $122.03 for the month which is recoverable in a day so not a problem. The only problem is i need money and cant pay myself! lol Ive actually undergone a minor crisis so far this month on Stars having cashed out $500 (couldn't resist the current exchange rate!) and then gone on a big downswing so Ive moved down limits and had to focus on rebuilding! The only good thing to come out of this is that Ive actually found my niche (is that how its spelt?) games in the 18 seat and 45 seat turbo sng's. They're quick to fill, don't last too long so i can be flexible with my sessions and basic strategy so it makes multi tabling easier! I've also been chatting and swapped some HH's with a German gent who i met through the PokerxFactor forums and now chat to online regarding the strategy in these sngs as he plays them for a living at low limits! The one thing i do respect with these guys grinding the low limit games is the time they manage to put in. i feel like Ive played loads if i play say 10 or 12 games in a day but these guys are putting in 40-50 games a day easily and a lot more if they want... I need to find some more drive i think!

Played a bit at the start of the month, +$69.31 by the 3rd. I had a few days off then as had a pretty busy schedule for the next few days -Rally GB :) The Thursday was the ceremonial start in Cardiff and shakedown in Swansea (although i ducked out of shakedown as didn't fancy the 2.30am start!). The rally was pretty cold as its been well below freezing most nights here and only just above freezing during the days, especially on top of the Welsh mountains. At least the rain held off though else it'd have been awful! Even managed to rush back in time on Saturday evening for the ice hockey and Devils won 2-1 in OT (although they should've put the game away a lot earlier than they did against the Stingrays!). Anyway, once I'd returned and got over the long weekends rallying, i settled back into some poker on Monday (well... in between sleeping and going out to some mulled wine and mince pie charity evening!) although the session wasn't too productive. 7 games and -$34.70 profit halved my months total profit...
Tuesday was far more productive however, playing 15 games and ending the day with +$105.30 profit bringing the monthly total to a massive $139.91 - doesn't sound like much but today's session pretty much doubled my Stars bankroll so its not too shabby considering it was done playing $6.50 sngs.

I've got to admit to having another lazy day today - I'm still not totally over this long bout of flu Ive had! Still feeling pretty drowsy and under the weather! Didn't get up till late then went out to Maenllywd for a pub lunch before popping over Emma's mums house for a bit for some coffee... Then the evening was taken up by a trip to the Millennium Centre to see Jimmy Carr. Pizza Hut takeaway on the way home and then i fell asleep for a few hours! lol So much for work... (or poker!) Managed to squeeze in a 8 game session at about 4.30am (after i'd watch the UFC which was pretty brutal tonight!) and almost wish i never played. busted the first 2 18 seat sng's in... 18th place. lol and yes, i do play tight to begin! i cant remember exactly what happened but i know i had an overpair v someone who turned trip 7's because they'd called a preflop raise with K7os and then a pot size flop bet with middle pair... Then out of another shoving 8's from SB, BB called with A4 and of course found his A on the flop. In another i managed to run pocket J's into 8's all in pre in a big pot only for them to spike the 3rd 8. and it goes on... I just found it such a frustrating session.

The games at low limits are generally bad but i hadn't seen it this bad for a while. Push fold just had no value as people were calling off their entire stacks with J high and so on, i was getting zero respect with my shoves and even though, i couldn't actually beat J high (they were still +EV shoves) i was never very far behind, both live cards yet couldn't catch once!!! (and believe me, it happened a lot!) i bubble both the 45 seaters i played. So frustrating but i guess i have to just plug on and grind it out as these players are gonna make me rich in the long run! i just need to remember to run my poker tracker as i didn't today and it could've saved me from some of these people who seem to have no concept of push fold or ICM. To top it off i then got slow rolled 3 handed. Blinds were big and we were in the $ in an 18 seat, i had A9 in the BB and the SB (who had me covered) limped in i shoved and he then thought for about 15 seconds before calling with AJ.... i mean GRRRRRRRRRRRRR WHY! lol

I think i should return to bed now as I'm tired and clearly taking things a bit too personally! lol

Current December profits = +$120.31