Friday, 23 July 2010

Newport (Ymerodraeth State of Mind)

A remix of Alicia Keys' Empire State of Mind song about my home town - Quite amusing and seems to have caught on around the UK pretty quickly. Unless you're local theres probably bits you won't understand but its very true... lol Enjoy :)

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Back due to popular demand

Apologies for the lack of updating the last few weeks. I've had countless requests for me to update my blog (well... one request then :) Thanks Alex) so I've finally caved into the pressure :)

I've really not been in the zone for playing poker this month. Infact, its been my quietest month of the year by far! I've only played 2 days so far and only low volume then! Basically a few mtts and a few 180 mans on the side bringing my total games to a rather laughable 11 games for the month! Managed to continue my hot run even over that low volume with two 180 man FTs making me +$346.75 for the month.

So... time for the excuses i guess! I was ill at the start of the month which took me about a week to shake off and have spent most of the past week down in Cornwall on a mini holiday type trip. It was quite a enjoyable. Just a shame that the British weather had to play up as usual and give me a good drenching! The main reason for the trip was to go to the Minack theatre. I knew someone acting in the play there and it seemed like a novelty to go and see it in an outdoor setting. The pictures really dont do the place justice though. It's basically and old open air theatre build right on the cliffside overlooking the English Channel. Its pretty spectacular and mildly amusing watching the shows when the weather closes in with high winds and torrential rain! lol Pics to follow soon once i get around to uploading them off the iphone.

Ive been playing quite a lot of golf this past month. Had a couple of lessons which have gone well and i've definately felt improvements in my game. Infact... You often hear stories about the big boys of poker (Ivey & co) getting distracted from poker by golf - I can now see how. It does have a strange appeal!
I was meant to play when i went to Cornwall but the weather put a stop to that!

Not sure how much poker i'll play this month. No point in forcing myself to play when i dont really feel like it as it doesn't lead to me playing too well. I think i'll have quite a relaxed month then hopefully get back into it next month... I'll keep you up to date on any interesting developments though :)

Thanks for reading x