Monday, 16 November 2009


Hey ho - its a been  while again since i last posted and quite a lots changed.
Im currently feeling pretty rough with flu/cold (no changes there  then) so thought id take this opportunity to update here.

This month ive finally got over some big mental barrier ive had for ages re: multitabling and putting in volume.
For some reason i decided to start multitabling the $16 sngs - 12 or so at a time and its been going pretty well. Ive been playing for about 2 hours a day on average playing between 20-50 sngs a day... I know ill hit a downswing soon but ive been doing fairly well at them and seeing pretty consistent profits and results.

Stats for November so far...
SnGs played:  256
ROI:              17.7%
ITM%:           43%
Hours Played: 21.2
Rake:             $256
Profits:           $723.50
$/hr:               $34.07
small sample size i know but im still happy with the results. I dont feel ive been running amazingly well either. Ive seen my fair share of coolers over the past few, the biggest being my full house on a KQQAJ board - me holding AQ - villain has KT and hit the runner runner royal flush to scoop it.
Right... i typed all that earlier then never posted it. Been to the ice hockey now with its stupidly late face off time. I cant seem to get any pics to save on here atm... the laptops playing up with copy paste :( next time ill try to get some graphs etc up here