Thursday, 1 January 2009

Merry Xmas & a Happy New Year!

It's 2009 already! crazy... Seems like only a year ago it was the new Millennium.

I'm not a huge fan of the New Year to be honest. I don't really get it... It's an excuse for a party as far as i can see so its not really my scene but you cant really avoid it so may as well join in. lol

I haven't posted in a while, main reason being, i haven't had much to post about! I haven't played much at all over the festive period. Decembers been another flat month in general and continues my dull end to the year. I end December in profit which is one thing i guess, even if it is just +$56.07... the last few days weren't very kind to say the least. I've been playing well i think in the multi table tourneys, as Ive said before, i really feel at home playing them! Just don't have a sensible enough bankroll to be able to realistically play them within my limits! I have my age old problem though still which I'm not quite sure how to fix! I'll be grinding away, playing really solid poker when about 2 hours in I'll just go insane with a random hand. usually having around average chips, I'll pick up say a small pocket pair and then go mad and somehow get all my chips in on 'safe' flop convincing myself the other guy is trying to bully me off the hand. I naturally get it all in, usually V's A's or similar and deservedly lose, often near the bubble. I'm then left thinking how badly i played the hand and not understanding why i did it. lol If anyone can shed some light on why i do this please feel free to tell me as you'll be able to win me a lot of cash! lol

I've had a better time playing the steps on Stars, which i was playing mainly to build my fpp's. i think Ive kinda given in with my attempts of trying to get my bonus which expires end of Jan... i need to find about 2000 fpp's before then which really isn't going to happen at the limits i play and given my current very dented bankroll! I do however have 2 step 4 tickets which i need to play hoping i can get at least 1 step 6 ticket out of it which i plan to hang on to and use to sat into a wsop event in the summer. that's the plan - long way to go yet mind!

So... New Years resolutions, I'll make some up just for fun then see if i can hit them. Not necessarily poker related, just things i want to achieve in 2009.
  • Learn to play acoustic guitar to a 'reasonable' standard... I've already started working towards this having bought myself a nice one to learn on for £190 in the sales just after xmas.
  • Win over $1000 again in a poker tourney which should be doable.. and I'm going to aim to win over $5000 from one tourney although i think ill struggle to achieve that one!
  • Continue to study poker and consistently win online again - i need some help from the poker gods on this one!
  • Build MPH Motor sport Ltd into a professional company and hopefully have a turnover in excess of £10,000 by the end of 2009 working on it part time... (My hobby company on the side)
  • Compete in a National B status Rally as a driver and win a class as a navigator on a Road event!
  • Actually get around to buying some ice hockey equipment and start learning to play.
  • Get fitter, kinda tied in with the above, but something i need to do!

Finally, kinda tied in with some of the above, I'd like to become self sufficient! I want to earn my own income as opposed to relying on the company with dad as it's not going to be around forever! Especially given the current economic climate which is hitting us quite hard at the moment!

Anyway, enough of the doom and gloom and apologies for getting a bit personal, i had to type my resolutions somewhere though so where better than the poker blog! lol

Best of Luck to you all in 2009!

See you at the Tables!