Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Back on topic

Welcome to Feb... Another new month already here! Time just seems to fly by these days!
I hadn't played a huge amount of poker again so far this year. Started out just playing some smaller tourneys for fun in Jan and actually picked up a few nice results, albeit with small prize money as they were only low stakes.

Final tabled a smaller $11 tourney on Full Tilt on Jan 2nd paying about $90 profit
1st/199 in a $5 mtt on pkr on jan 12th giving about $250 profit
6/130 in a $16.50 mtt again on pkr on jan 19th giving about $80 profit
1st/36 in a $3 rebuy PLO mtt on jan 30th on pkr giving about $100 profit

These scores helped me to a profitable month showing + $358.41 in Jan
Far from a lot but considering the stakes and amount i played its not too bad.

Feb so far has seen me move back on topic a bit more with this blogs title as Ive started working on my heads up game and been playing (and actually enjoying!) HU cash on a few different sites.

I had quite a bad couple of days recently which got me down a bit as i lost $86 (not a lot considering i was playing $50NL but still a fair bit for me as i am not playing brilliant bankroll management seeing as i only have about 10 buy ins) and this was made even worse by the fact i was almost $100 up then just went on tilt i think, coupled with tiredness made me quite a annoyed with myself! I took a few days off over the weekend as i was quite busy with rallying and ice hockey on the Saturday and away in Coventry for an ice hockey away game on Sunday!
played when i got home the sunday evening though and played quite well i think but ended up down another $85 which was pretty disheartening while my confidence is pretty low seeing as I'm still learning through card runners vids.

Came back to the tables this evening for a couple hours and had a pretty good evening, played a total of 8 different tables and ended each of them in profit! ending the night $156.94 in profit which was nice considering the previous few days results. It was made sweeter by the fact i lost an all in with a full stack in one of my latter matches vs a very aggressive opponent who was 4 betting me 75% of the time i 3bet! i decided AJ suited was well ahead of his 4betting range but got unlucky to run into K's which stood up. I then battled back though as i thought i could outplay him and profit from his aggressiveness which was a good plan as i ended up sitting with $165 in front of me by the time he'd left the table...

I know its only low stakes and not a huge amount of money but as Ive mentioned before, my bankroll is a bit fragile at the moment as i cashed out quite a bit towards the end of last year so having any size able amount of cash at the tables is a bit frightening. lol

The weathers been quite interesting recently with all the snow and ice. Been out skidding plenty of times through the lanes recently and had plenty of dodgy moments where we almost disappeared through the hedges! lol Managed to hang on to it most the times bar one where i was properly messing about and just could get the front end to bite again after a big power slide and we ironically collected an Ice warning sign! lol Was pretty funny but caused quite a bit of damage to the front end so i had to buy a new headlight and spent about 3 days hammering out the huge dents so the cracked bumper and radiator mounts all lines up properly again and so i could shut the bonnet! The cars still looking a bit dented but i bought it for rallying so I'm sure it'll see plenty more in the way of ditches etc before its days are up! lol

Anyway, regarding my new years resolutions:
  • Guitars coming on OK... can play a bit and starting to feel a bit more relaxed while playing now which makes it easier.
  • No big wins in the poker just yet as Ive already reported, hopefully my steady Jan will be the start of some steady profits this year! The HU games certainly seem pretty profitable, if a little volatile! lol
  • MPH Motor sport has made some progress but the previous plans have been put on hold for the time being and we've got some pretty exciting plans on the media side of things though which should hopefully build our profile and make some nice cash on the side.
  • Haven't competed in any more rallies yet this year so obviously haven't made any progress here
  • Not got any closer to starting up in the hockey
  • Done a bit of extra exercise around the house etc but there's still room for improvement! lol
Think that's about all for now.