Thursday, 7 May 2009

increased volume

Only a few days after my last post and I'm posting again! Somethings surely wrong! :)

Just a bit bored actually and having wasted nearly my entire trading bankroll on Betfair and my software having now expired, i decided to take a few days off from trading and revert back to what i know best... poker.

$44 profit from a few sngs on the 1st
$68 profit from a few more sngs on the 2nd
$130 profit from a PLO mtt 6th out of 405 on the 3rd
should've done better but went card dead on the final table and got it all in on the turn with the nuts against the same hand only he had a flush draw too which naturally hit on the river to send me home in 6th which was a little cruel. I'm happy to be final tabling again and oddly doing so in plo!
$80 profit from some HU and 6max PLO cash games on the 4th

had a night out on the 5th and then not played again tonight as haven't been in the right mind set but I'm pleased to be able to report 4 days of straight profits and +$321 running total from May so far...

Just waiting for the negative variance to kick in and send me running back to the trading software now. haha I'll keep whoever may possibly read this updated :)

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