Thursday, 26 August 2010

Pacific Poker?!


I've been continuing my long run of lack of motivation as you've probably guessed from my lack of blog posts. The only play I've been doing is on Pacific Poker building my roll up slowly just for fun. playing no more than 4 tables at a time... mainly 10 man turbo sngs and plo8 cash when it runs! I wish it ran a bit more often!

On that note... Any idea of the best site for plo8? I want somewhere that gets decent amount of games but still fishy. I'm thinking Party poker but the volumes not great there either...

I quite like the new pacific software but holdem manager had an error which meant i had no hud in mtts or sngs. Typically, the same day HM released an upgrade to fix the hud problem but Pacific released a software update which has been a nightmare! every 30 mins or so, usually when a hand shows down, the software suddenly freezes so i have to close it and restart it quickly so as not to time out/miss a hand! Very annoying.
I've emailed support but received no reply other than their automated rubbish.

I also witnessed what i class as obvious collusion against me in a 10 man turbo sng. 3 Argentinian players who i believe were working together. chip dumping and soft playing each other when 3 handed against me (well 2 or them - the other one had been knocked out earlier). I still managed to beat them but still its unacceptable! I emailed Pacific details of the Incident, have twice requested info on their outcome to the investigation without as much as a reply off them! I'm not sure they actually have any support staff!

How can poker sites treat their 'valued' customers this way?

To top it off...

3 card plo8 anyone?

Admittedly it was immediately after the software had crashed and been restarted but still. I was in the hand in time to have an option to raise, fold call etc yet with only 3 cards i feel my account is slightly rigged... lol

Cheers Pacific! Luckily for you I'm stupid enough to keep playing there for the time being although I'm not sure how long ill stick it out!

I'm dreading trying to cash out! They'll no doubt expect me to pass a university level exam paper on astro physic or something before they give me my funds!

At least there are plenty of fish there...

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Henry Griffiths said...

Lolaments, this made me laugh. A good read.