Tuesday, 9 November 2010

October review, November Plans, etc

As expected, October ended as only my 3rd losing month... Only -$35.64 though so hardly too damaging. Just frustrating more than anything as i seem to be treading water a lot recently.  Roll on the upswing :)

November has continued with the same downward trend though. Currently down about $75. I've reverted back to the 45 man sngs on Stars so things can turn around quite quickly in these bigger fields so $75 down is nothing. Just wish i could hurry up and start making some forward progress and build up the bankroll so i can play some bigger stakes than the $6.50s!

I feel like my break even stretch the last couple of months has been largely down to variance and generally running bad however i have no doubt that my 6 months of playing very little has probably left me a bit out of practice. As a result i decided to rejoin a poker training site to rebuild my confidence and hammer home the basics and perhaps even learn a little more.

I've chosen to go with PokerXfactor. I've always been a fan of the site, am a big Johnnybax fan and they've always been very accomodating. I emailed them to ask about rejoining and they kindly waived the signup fee for me as i was an old member so that saved me a few $. Now i've just got to find the time to sit down and watch some videos! I always find them a good thing to watch when i feel too tired or just not feeling up to grinding. Got to spend money to make money!

I'm considering having a look into trying to play some cash PLO and see how that goes. I've been considering it for a while but never stick at it so i won't set any big goals just yet but i plan on having a dabble in some low stakes PLO, watch a few training videos and hopefully give myself a shot at being able to make some $ from cash games for a change. My main reason for this is that i want to have the most flexible schedule i can so cash obviously allows this. I think should help my all round game as well though so it cant hurt!

I'll leave you on a lighter note - Pokerstars banned TV advert. Its hardly surprising why it was banned  but it still made me laugh as i didn't see where it was going until the end message


alexandra said...

Hope pokerxfactor is good:)
Thinking about joining myself..I'll see how it goes for you first;)

And wow, just wow, at that commercial..

Ivydrive said...

haha the commercials good :)

PxF is going well. Its mainly tourney based videos as you probably know but ive been going through the archives watching plo cash videos and playing nothing other than plo the last few days.