Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Jan review

Jan has been a reasonable start to the year i guess. I've spent the majority of the month playing the $11.50 HU sngs on Pokerstars and currently have a Sharkscope star for making the the Top 20 for Profit in $5-$15 HU sngs in 2011. My first ever Sharkscope star! First of many though i assure you.

Jan profit: +$1051.91
Hours played:  67

I'm +$804 from the 301 HU sngs I've played and +$352 from the 25 180 mans I've played. I've only unlocked 1 Stella reward so far so that's +$10 from that. Other than that, I've clearly lost a little bit playing random other games. Most probably the plo8 games i was playing last night while tired. That said, i usually do well in the plo8 sngs  but having only played a few, variance got the better of me!

I joined HUSNG.com and have watched a couple vids but as usual, don't think i get much out of them. They just help refocus me i find if I'm running or playing badly - Usually a combination.

I haven't played all that much the last few days of the month though and when i have, i dabbled in the 180 mans again. As you probably notice the sudden increased variance towards the end of my graph! Binked one of them but no results from any of the others worth mentioning.

Ignore the Red EV line - It shows me as running well above EV but its largely down to it not working properly in the 4 msn shootout HU sngs I've been playing. The guys at Hold'em Manager tell me the issue has now been fixed and the new release will be out shortly. I've been waiting a couple of weeks the new release though and there still no sign of it! Come on HM - You're usually pretty good! As a result of this though, I'm not running quite as hot as it would appear :)

Not too sure what Feb holds if I'm honest, as usual I'm feeling a little lost as to what games i should play. Think ill start off playing a combination of HU sngs and 180 mans depending on how i feel each day. May toss a few mtt days in too if i feel that way inclined. As usual, no insane plans for the coming month, just continue to grind and perhaps move up to the $20 HU sngs. The fact I've got a Sharkscope star for the $10 level though makes me want to keep hold of it which is inevitably not going to happen if i stop playing. I've missed 2 days of playing and have already slipped from 14th down to 18th place so I'm close to losing it already if i don't play a bit more...

Away from the poker tables, I've been putting a lot of work into clearing my garden. As I've mentioned before, I've just bought a nice house in the countryside but the garden was so overgrown it looked really small before. Ive stripped it right back and cleared all the hedges and bushes out with the intention of getting it all nicely done in time for summer. Also planning on putting some private parking and my own driveway in. May even build a double garage if funds allow. We'll see - Will try to get some pics up as i think it'd be cool to keep track of the progress as I've putting a lot of hours in and have no pics so far.

Going out to have a look at some kitchens and bathrooms tomorrow morning to get some ideas for what i want to get fitted over the coming months so gonna go get a bit of sleep so i can get up at a reasonable time!

Off to Belfast again for an Ice hockey game next weekend! Lets go Devils! We're currently top of the league but only by 1 point so theres a lot of big games coming up! Fingers crossed we can pick up some Silverware this year! Will update soon with pics provided i survive all the bomb threats, etc that seem to be kicking off over there recently!
Any tips for decent clubs while I'm there? Think of heading to Golden Mile after the game - Sounds like its the student part of town?

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