Saturday, 23 January 2010


I havent updated for a while so thought i'd pop a few words up on the blog.

2010's been a bit tough so far in general. I hit something of a wall in the 9 man sngs and was getting somewhat disillusioned with my long breakeven stretch followed by a downswing rather than the upswing i was waiting for! As a result i decided to leave the 9 man sngs and make the transition across to the mtt sngs with some success. I've been playing a lot of the $12 45 and 180 seat sngs. I had a few early results in the 45s and then started running bad and the opposites happened in the 180s. I won a $12 180 man sng a couple of days ago which was nice.

I've started throwing in a few mtts as well on the side and went very deep in a $5.50 mtt on Stars the other day. Eventually busting in 23rd out of 5926 players which i was reasonably pleased with. Shame my AK didnt flip a bit better else i felt i could've gone a lot deeper and probably made the final table, or even taken it down... Im currently playing the nightly $70k on stars as i forgot to unregister from it after I satellited in.
It's currently going quite well though. Well above average chips and fast approaching the money... I seem to have found my tourney mojo again that i was moaning about having lost a few posts ago!

As well as playing the mtt sngs, ive found a new love for the 6 max hyper turbos. They're quite fun, push fold poker from the word go and can be reasonably profitable if you put the volume in and do some table selection... It's just a shame Stars don't run them more often or to some set schedule! I've emailed them twice asking for the schedule but they say one doesnt exist (i find this hard to believe though - how can a schedule not exist...) and tell me to just use the search facility - Not quite what i was looking for but oh well.

I've also found a little trick with them to improve me rakeback. Rather than relying on buying the cash bonuses where even the $4k bonus open to just Supernovas works out as $0.016 per fpp, if you play the hyper satellites with your fpps instead, you can achieve in the region of $0.018+ per fpp regardless of your vip status (if you're a reasonable player) then just unregister and have the T$'s instead...

I am slacking a bit when it comes to volume though and changing from the $16 9 mans to the $12 mtt sngs has affected my volume even further as ive been playing lower volume and opting to tile the tables instead of stacking them. I may move back to stacking though and increase my volume in them then unstack them once i make the Final Table. I'll see how things pan out for the rest of the month. The lower volumes really not helping me in chasing Supernova this year though. I'm going to have to rely on moving up stakes later in the year if i want to make it i think. Either that or seriously increase my volume.

I've recently treated myself to a nice new quick PC on Windows 7 with dual screen set up, and moved my old pc upstairs, wired it up to my 42" plasma screen so i have the option to play there now too as a backup option which is nice. I'll try to get some pics of my new set ups in the near future up here along with some graphs and charts. I've just made the money in this $55 mtt so i think i'd better go and concentrate on turning it into a win seeing as its made me stay up all night to play it (05.53am here now in Wales!)

Oh how could I forget...  Ive booked some flights over to the US today! Flying into San Francisco on March 8th, driving down the coast through Big Sur, etc then inland across to Scottsdale and Phoenix, up to the Grand Canyon, across to Vegas for a few days and then over to LA to fly home 15 days later. It should be a nice break from the same daily routine and grind i've become stuck in recently. A nice holiday's somewhat overdue! I've been before but my girlfriends never been to the US and it'll be our first proper holiday abroad since being together (over 6 years now!) so she's really excited. It should be a blast :) I'm in Vegas for 3 nights but am undecided as to whether to play poker or not yet. I may try to avoid it as I find live poker a drag and have every intention of going back for just poker in the near future so may keep it to just tourist stuff for the first time... I'll see how i feel.
If anyone has any tips on things to do or places to visit while over there it'd be welcomed. I currently just have my route planned, tickets booked to the Ducks v Avalanche game in LA and a few other things in mind to do so my schedule is open to suggestions :)

Finally, Next week is the WBCOOP so i look forward to seeing all my fellow bloggers grinding it out at the tables. Say hey if you're at my table!

All the best for now!

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StorageCraft said...

I am a adventure freak and therefore this blog reminded me of my golden old days when i with my friends used to go for trekking and have a lot of fun. I have turned out emotional after reading it.