Thursday, 18 February 2010

An odd month

About time i did a quick update on Febs progress...

The month has been quite successful so far but almost solely because of one super day! I haven't played anywhere near as much as i should have done and i have little excuse really - just my usual motivation issues!

Below are my sharkscope stats in the 45s and 180 sngs so far for Feb.

As you can see, almost all my profits this month have come from the 180s and almost all from 1 day.
Last Sunday i decided to play 1 small session of 12 games for fun, a mix of 45s and 180s. I managed to get a 1st and 2nd in two of the 45 seaters and Final tabled 3 of my 180 sngs winning 2 of them and getting third in the other! Made for a +$1446.62 day! very nice indeed.

Overall this month im +$1840.38 so far including rakeback and everything played which is already 3x my Jan total so not bad at all. Im still a little concerned at my poor showings in the 45 mans where i feel like im really struggling to do anything but breakeven in them! Toying with the idea of playing just 180s but i think thats just because im clearly running well in them at the moment so should really just push on with everything for the time being. I'm actually running below EV according to HM at the moment this month by a few hundred $ which is nice but means very little in the mtt sngs...

Im really enjoying the Winter Olympics at the moment! soooooooooo much better than the Summer games but i am quite a fan of the snow and ice :)

We'll close on a recent picture of some British snow

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