Sunday, 7 March 2010

Feb review, March plans & Hello USA!

Apologies for my slow updates!

Feb was a really good month but could've been so much better if only id had the discipline to put in more volume. Instead i decided to relax the end of the month and take it easy.
I started a mini plo challenge - nothing official - just grinding my way up from .5/.10c and moving up to the next level whenever i make 20 buy ins... Its just a bit of fun and not too sure how strict im going to be with it yet. Below is a graph of my progress so far... Started well. not too sure what to make of the last few sessions mind!

As i was saying, Feb wasn't a good month for volume but was pretty good for profit - Almost entirely from the 180 man sngs as i couldn't get anywthing going in the 45s. Think i actually ended the month in the red in them. Anyway, below is my Feb graph for the sngs.

As a result of my awful volume in Feb, i failed to even make Goldstar which is a bit poor really! Im stuck as a Silverstar for March and im not very hopeful of getting much more in March. My volume so far this month is laughable. Ive only played 2 days, both of which have been losing ones and only small sessions on both.

I fly out to San Francisco on Monday for a driving holiday as ive mentioned in an earlier post, driving down the West coast then inland over to Pheonix via Palm Springs, up to the Grand Canyon and then across to Vegas before flying home on March 22nd from LA (provided British Airways dont strike and leave me stranded over there - not that i'd be complaining too much!)
It should be fun but is purely a long overdue relaxing holiday before i get back to the grind end of March and big month in April hopefully! Im taking my laptop with me and have tried to ensure i have internet connection at all our hotels so i can keep in touch with people and no doubt play a few hands of plo or sngs in the nights depending on how good the connections are!

Doubt i'll post now while im away so untill i return... adios amigos!

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