Monday, 26 April 2010

Long time no post

Apologies to all my fan boys for the length of time it’s taken me to update this blog - the main reason for the lack of updates is a lack of things to post!
My holiday in the US was awesome - ended up getting an extra 3 days too thanks to BA going on strike and cancelling my flight home! I'll post some pics at the end of the blog if anyone’s interested.
Really couldn’t get back into over when I got home despite my best intentions. I ended up experimenting with different options such as playing plo8 cash, just mtts and am now onto playing super turbos.
Despite my best efforts Full Tilt refuse to give me rake back... I’ve tried everything. Signed up years ago before they even offered it which I find quite unfair but ahh well - their loss as I refuse to play there until they give me it!
Stars don’t run any super turbos and i've been fancying them for a while now so I’ve made the switch to playing all my pokerz at Party. If it goes well, ill make it my permanent home... See how it goes I guess.

It’s started pretty poorly. I’ve only played about 110 6 max super turbos so far but am running well below EV in them. It wasn't bothering me as my EV line was climbing but the last 20 or so my red lines spiralled downwards too. I’ve make some poor plays but on the whole I feel like i'm playing well and just getting super unlucky. Just cold decked galore and if i’m not cold decked I get outdrawn! Not quitting yet though! I know the super turbos can have some mad swings - the games feel really soft and a lot less regs in them than in the Stars sngs so hopefully things will turn around soon!

I ended March in profit but only by a few hundred $ but that’s not bad considering how little I played.

Aprils been super scrappy month and i’m only now starting to settle back into playing a bit more but running like death which is annoying. Overall I’m up for the month but only just and all thanks to a 180 man on Stars at the beginning!
Anyway, I'll grind on and hopefully start making some much need $$$ soon!

photo album 1 (theres 4 in total) - should be able to get to the others from there somewhere.!/album.php?id=507121323&aid=158974
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