Monday, 17 May 2010

Weeee. Finally back on form

1st/592 runners

About time i shipped a mtt. I was a shortstack for 95% of the tourney and tried on a few occassions to make a deal, including HU but no one was too interested which im quite glad about in hindsight :) Got quite lucky on a couple of occassions but i guess you have to to win these mtts. long overdue a nice cash though.

On a more negative note - the super turbo sngs really arent going too well still! Proper update to follow soon.


Angie said...

Impressive stats! My own view is that the super turbos aren't necessarily worthwhile in the long-term.

Ivydrive said...

Thanks for the comment.
Ive actually moved my game from the 6 max to the 10 man turbos and super tubos combined on Party now.
Super turbos are pushing very small margins so you need excellent understanding of ICM. We just need to look at jorj95's stats to see super turbos can be very profitable as well as an excellent source of rakeback but it would appear im sadly not as good as jorj95! lol