Thursday, 10 June 2010

Grind much?

Another month comes to a close and I've got quite a mixed view on how it went. I managed to win a fairly big field mtt which was definitely a highlight. The rest of the month was something of a non event though! I ended up dabbling in loads of different games on different sites and generally put in some lacklustre volume.
Nothing changes... 324 games to be precise in an entire month! That's 2 days light work for most online pros. Why do I seem incapable of putting volume in?! May graph below.

A question for any sng grinders who read this... How do you put so much volume in?! I understand how you can do it playing super turbos like George 'Jorj95' Lind as they only last a few minutes each but playing the 180 mans on Stars for example? How many tables are people playing at a time in these? Are you stacking or tiling?  James Atkin is a 180 man player and seems to be putting in some good volume at the moment in his quest for Supernova so it'd be good to hear off you!

I personally tend to flick between the 2 options. Either tiling 6 tables per screen (I have a dual monitor setup) or stacking them all. I find stacking a lot easier and then pull tables aside if I go deep. I do find that I'm too curious as to the outcome of all ins though with this method so find myself pulling tables to one side far too often!

Looks like I'm getting nowhere with the single table turbos or super turbos. They're definitely profitable but I'm not putting in the volume to see worthwhile results. I've returned to the 180 mans on Stars this evening and played 14 sngs (wow - lots I know!) over 2 hours. Final tabled 2 of them and ended up +$226.02 in profit for the evening so I think it's a no brainer to give them another shot. Just going to have to find a way of forcing myself to do more volume. As soon as I play any volume I seem to end up with big losing sessions though which always knocks my confidence so I'm not really sure what to do for the best! No doubt i'll just end up doing my usual play a few, get bored and give up after 10 sngs or so! lol
We'll see how it goes!

As a closing note; Best of Luck to Jorj95 and Alexander 'msusyr24' Carr in the WSOP and anyone else who's going over who I may know or respect in the poker world!

Maybe one day ill have the roll to be able to join you guys if I ever figure out the meaning of 'Grind'


James Atkin said...
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James Atkin said...

Wiii, what was the bink?

I stack my tables man, and pull out tables I'm particularly deep in and tile them around my stack.

Recently I've started playing with an X-Box controller and have been 26-30 tabling, before that 22 was my max.

I started off tiling 8-tables so I think it's just a case of practice at putting volume in. 6-8 hour sessions are very viable when you have sync breaks.

I take it you know about TableNinja?

P.S. 14 SNGs isn't exactly a good sample size to draw reference from, lol.

Ivydrive said...


Thanks for the quick and full reply! The bink was a mtt win on Party.

I was starting to feel that stacking was the way forward - it makes much lighter work compared to having 12 tiled across 2 screens.

I was tempted to try the Xbox controller as i'd read that it was possible. I was playing 24 tables at a time when i was playing the 9 mans so imagine it'd be easily doable with the 180 mans what with you not getting shorthanded as often.

You're right about the synced breaks. they do make longer grinds a lot more manageable! And yes i do currently use tableninja. It also makes life much easier. I'll definately have to try setting up the xbox controller with it as i dont like using the hot key tabs for much. I only have keys for scrolling between tables, setting them to one side if i want to watch something and an AI button.

I know 14 isn't a sample size. My sharkscope stats for the 180 mans are:

Ivydrive 318 $12 $11 100% $3,864

Obviously 318 sngs is still a small sample size but a bit better than 14. lol I think im probably running above EV in them as ive not had any downswings really and have recently been on a nice upswing.

Looks like ive just gotta find some motivation to put the hours in i guess :)

Thanks again.

James Atkin said...

Cool man, congrats on the bink

X-Box controller takes a while to get used to but once you do it's a great option, I started using one recently.

100% ROI is definitely unsustainable, 30% is crushing, but certainly looks promising...