Friday, 25 June 2010


I've not played for 6 days straight up until this evening. Just haven't been in the house to put any games in.
The next week is looking pretty congested too! Ice hockey (my teams playing in the summer cup), shows at the theatre, gym, tennis lesson, football (even if i do hate it i still watch the England games with my mates - and support whoever the opposition is!) and i have my first ever golf lesson with the local club pro on Tuesday. I'm sure there's plenty more that'll manage to crop up to prevent me playing much!
Despite my very busy social life, i managed to squeeze in a small session tonight which was going truly awfully until i spiked another 180 win! :) I played pretty well most the tourney and got a little help from picking up nice hands at the right time but also played a couple hands very strongly when i had air to win a couple nice pots which always feels nice when your soul read reship works! lol

I will admit i got super lucky HU. I felt like i was totally outplayed to be fair! The player in question was 'MakeMeMaster'. He was probably the best player at the final table but luckily i had position on him so was able to pick my spots well. He did run well HU mind - i got it in twice with weaker A's than him and twice i outdrew him! The second time was for stacks with my A5 suited flopping a flush draw against his AJ. I got there on the turn luckily.
Not to sure if i played badly or was just a bit cold decked once we were HU but i certainly felt like i didn't have any advantage which is quite unfamiliar to me! :)

Other than the win, i managed another 180 Final Table but got a bit unlucky and busted in 9th which was quite frustrating. Also min cashed in an $11 short handed MTT on Poker Idol.

Anyone know if 'MakeMeMaster' keeps a blog? I'd be interested in following his results if he did!
Sure i was going to say something else but I'm too tired to think straight so am going to make my way to bed now! Got an engagement party tomorrow evening. And NO... it's not mine! :) so not sure if I'll get any time to play. Hopefully i can squeeze some games in either before or after if i don't drink too much! I'm not planning on drinking much so it should be OK!



Gary said...

Nice final tables, congratulations, break must have done you good!

Ivydrive said...

Many thanks.
It would appear that way wouldn't it. Trouble is i take far too many breaks! lol

FkCoolers said...

MakeMeMaster is an excellent player. He doesn't blog but you can go to to look at all his scores plus read posts by him.

Ivydrive said...

FK - Many thanks for the info. Just had a look over his P5's profile. Some pretty impressive stats he has there! I dont feel so stupid having been outplayed anymore! :)

FkCoolers said...

Haha yeah... he's relentlessly aggressive and good. I've shared tables with him before and if he's on my left I just fold every hand.

alexandra said...

Hey! Time to update now?!:)

Ivydrive said...

haha I'm well overdue an update Alex :) I will do one shortly. I have a few excuses which i'll use when i post it. The main one being ive barely played so dont have much to say. lol

Hope you had an awesome Vegas trip - i may have not been posting myself but i've enjoyed following your trip pics and posts!

Update coming soooooooooooooon :) x

Anonymous said...

Yep MakeMeMaster is sick. I just watched him take down the 100 rebuy on titanpoker for 26k. so sick

alexandra said...

I'm still waiting :p
and thanks, Vegas was awesome but a bit dramatic (haha).