Saturday, 12 June 2010

New Blog set up


In other news, i bought xpadder yesterday and set it up so i could play poker using the controller off my Xbox.

I think i like it but cant really decide. Ive played a couple small sessions of fpp sats (i use them to turn my fpps into T$) and seem to get on ok with it. It certainly takes a bit of getting used to though. I'm a little worried to start a proper session of 180 mans using it as i was making more misclicks - inevitable i guess when learning a new layout.

I'll see what happens and how i feel over the next few days before i decide whether to stick with it or not.

Thanks to James Atkin for his prompt response to my last blog post. Excellent advice and has definately helped me make up mind as to the way forward with the 180 mans. Stacking all the way :)

Sadly, the last few days ive actually been busier than usual with work and generally out of the house so other than messing with Xbox controllers, blogs and the odd fpp sng, ive put in ZERO volume. I really need to find some motivation during the day. I always seem to find it at 3am when its too late to play cos i need to get to bed. I find my volume in the games quite embarrassing to be honest! Ive really got to get something going soon!


alexandra said...

wtf..that is so weird! you should upload a video of you playing with it:)

Ivydrive said...

haha im not sure that video would make too great viewing :)

Im not sure how much i like it. Its more relaxing but a lot easier to misclick.

Thanks for the comment though. Hope you like the blog - Ive added yours to my Blog list.


alexandra said...

Ah..just saw that, thanks:) I'll add you back.
And of course it would..haha! Do it!
But just using a script seems much simpler..but a controller seems like so much fun.. :)