Sunday, 8 March 2009

Life, Poker & some other stuff...


Coming upto a month since i last posted and not a lot has changed! Pokers still proving a grind and nowhere near as profitable as it used to be... I think it's a combination of the games getting tougher and my boredom of it and as a result, not sticking at one format which is having a negative effect on my game. I really hope the US change their legislation on online gaming soon to bring some new players to the game again which may help reignite my interest! I have to be honest - i only like the game if i can win - i only play for the money and at the moment, my hourly rate isn't great so its not really worth my effort. I dont have much else to do in the middle of the night though apart from sleep and that'd just be dull! :)

I finished Feb +42.22 (yep showing a tiny profit)... Better than a loss though so i guess i cant complain too much. I havent seen nice profits since i stopped playing the MTT's but i really dont have the time or interest to play them anymore. Dilemma! I thought id found the route to a steady income the other week with the double or nothing sngs. i could easily multitable upto 12 and was showing consistent profits of about $20 p/hour then suddenly went on a nasty downswing over a few sessions which just disheartened me and i havent returned since. *sigh*

Ice hockey hasn't been much better recently. Devils can't seem to win anything! well... maybe thats a bit of an exageration but they cant win the important games! I feel like want to get on the ice and play for them! haha But as you may have guessed, im still no closer to playing. I should have a bit more spare cash next month though so will go out and buy some kit hopefully!
Another crazy idea ive just gotten is about taking up some Mixed Martial Arts or Jujitsu. Not sure why as im not the fighting type but it'd be nice to know i could stand up for myself if need be. Not that i dont think i could now ofcourse... i'd like to learn some submission holds though! lol

I've also got a new found interest in Scandinavia and Finland in particular! Ive always loved that part of the world for its nature, forest lakes and ofcourse rallying but always been put off by the language barrier. I met a girl the other night on one of my rare outing to Cardiff while i was a tad drunk who's from Finland and i instantly got on with her well! It's so interesting to get to know about her culture and language and also to teach her and show her Wales as she seems pretty interested. I think im going to enjoy the coming months! Should be fun and educational. Im seriously considering going over there at the start of August for Rally Finland if things go well which'd be awesome. We'll see how things work out :)

Really bored at the moment, hence typing here! Pokers boring, Maple Leafs are losing so i cant be bothered wiith watching that either and UFC doesnt start till 3am and ive got to be up by midday tomorrow so i think i may be having a short nights sleep :)

ok so i didnt post this ages ago as i was thinking perhpas Jutta would read it but i guess ive probably written very little that she doesnt already know so i'll post it anyway. UFC's well underway now. Not too bad so far...

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