Friday, 27 March 2009

Sigh all round...

I should've known that having posted a relatively positive post last time it'd all be downhill from there on and it really has been!

Pretty much every tourney Ive played Ive bubbled - put in the hours with no return :( The razz cash games have been a big grind varying from small profit sessions to big losses which overall means ive dropped a fair amount of my previous profits in the last few days!
Still in profit for the month but only just. currently standing at just +$163.12

Equally as negative is the situation with the Finnish girl i met. I am genuinely baffled. Never been so lost for words before. Everything started out so well then things went quiet which is fair enough but the total apparent lack of reason behind everything after the very positive start just baffles me. I'd been nothing but friendly and really feel like i was at least due a reason but despite asking the replies were very few and far between and not exactly explanatory... sigh. I'm not too sure how to feel. I'm a bit disappointed as thought it could've been cool to have a local to show me around when/if i visit later this year for the rally (and the reason i liked her although that doesn't bother me now as shes proved herself to be a bit false!). I almost feel bad for her because she's really done nothing good for herself or her country while over here. We discussed how we perceived the French to be a bit rude but what I've seen from her is the most rudely i think Ive ever been treated, especially considering the apparent lack of justification. Ahh well, i guess its her that'll be missing out and best of luck to anyone else who tries to 'befriend' her. hehe
Perhaps I'm being a bit sour so i apologise if i come across like that - i am a little disappointed i guess but I'm kinda happy i know where i stand now rather than being messed around. Not that anyone even reads this so i guess it doesn't matter what i write! haha

I just hope that her fellow Finns are a bit more warm than she has been when we visit!

On a slightly more positive note... The F1 starts this weekend! yay! I've just watched the 1st practice session which was nice to be able to do. It's nice to have the season underway again. Also, playoff time in the hockey now so exciting times ahead :)

Despite being messed about by the only girl I've properly let my guard down around for years and seemingly being unable to win ANYTHING at the poker tables - I'm in a surprisingly happy and positive mood.

Result :)

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