Sunday, 22 March 2009

Razzing it up...

Sooo... another update.
Ive had yet another change of interest on the poker front in my quest to find a profitable game. I think i may have cracked it (saying this will probably trigger a huge downswing though so expect a negative post in a few days! haha) and it comes in the form of Razz. Ive always found razz to be profitable but never really put much time into it. Ive played it every night for a few hours a go for the past week now though and had pretty good results. playing anywhere between $1/2 and $3/6 (although i did take a total punt at $8/16 as there were a couple of players i had marked as fishy sat at the table) and have managed to yield some decent scores. +$205 tonight, +$153 yesterday, +$71 the day before. obviously Ive also had a few losing days but overall its proved a successful venture to begin with! All this action is over on Full Tilt as i cant stand the razz on Stars. Pokerstars use much smaller antes than Full Tilt which leads to their games being significantly tighter than those on Full Tilt which doesn't seem to suit my style of play.
Its helped my bankroll out a lot though as I'm +$572 for March so far... 95% of that is from the past few days!

Ive continued to play some tourneys on the side as well but haven't had any luck in these recently. I seem to bubble everything i play which is a bit frustrating but we'll grind on and hopefully hit form again one day :)

Devils have got their act together and strung together a pretty good run at the end of the season having won their last 5 games. Final game of the season later today and then we head into the Playoffs which are always a good watch!

I'll finish on a slightly less positive note but I've gotta keep my chin! hehe I mentioned having met 'Jutta' from Finland in my last post. We went on a 'date' down the bay and to the hockey which seemed to go OK, or at least i thought. She seems entirely uninterested in even contacting me since though - no idea what i did wrong but its been playing on my mind for ages. I'm still hoping that she sticks to her word and we get to go on a few day trips or things in the future, even if it is just as friends as I'd love to have been able to keep in touch and be on good terms. Fingers crossed that she is just busy with uni at the moment and gets in touch again but I'm not going to gold my breath :( Still interested in Finland though and seriously considering going over for Rally Finland later this year... should be a good crack. Would've been better to have my own Finnish tour guide/friend to accompany me on the trip though :) sigh... life goes on. hehe

My sleeping has been dire recently. Its 6.35am now so i really should at least start thinking about getting some sleep before the ice hockey later today!

Over and out for now.
See you at the tables!

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