Wednesday, 2 December 2009

November Roundup.

November was quite a mixed month but on the whole i'm quite pleased with my progress.
My good run continued for a few days after my last post but then the last week of November was a real grind making no progress at all... Struggling to breakeven most days as you can see from my sharkscope graph below...

Sharkscope graph for the $16 & $6.50 STTs (1st November - 31st November)

I finished the month +$1427.80 overall in profit from all my poker activities but also released $200 worth of bonus which brought my months total to +$1627.80
I'm pleased with my profits for the month although i can see scope to do even better as i barely played the first week of November and the last week was a real grind as you can see....
Ive been multitabling sets of about 13 games, using Tableninja to auto register which makes things easier.
Whereas i was feeling very positive about things halfway through the month im now feeling just a little disillusioned by my breakeven run at the end of the month. Im not sure what more i can do to improve my roi% which stands at 9% for the month. I mean, i know thats quite a respectable roi for 9 seater sngs which are what make up 99.9% of the sngs tracked this month but its almost all come from the good run. If i keep running badly through December i'm worried im going to lose faith and heart. We'll battle on though so see what happens :)
I joined sng grinders this month and i actually think their videos are pretty good from what ive watched. Very well explained and clear. I am planning on moving into playing more mtt sngs over time because of the better rois that are possible the less regs/need to table select - not that i table select that much as you dont really need to in the $16 games. I just put off starting a new session if there are a lot of regs registered in the games. You're always going to get 1 or 2 though and even some of the regs at $16 stakes are pretty poor so theres not too much to worry about.
Finally, i've been reading a lot of blogs by various sng pros etc and have updated my blog list on the right hand side for anyone who happens to want some good reading material to help inspire them. Some of their profits still amaze me and give me something to really work towards.
Oh and as a closing note - I went from Bronzestar straight up to Goldstar fairly easily on Stars last month. I'm going to aim for Platinum star this month but its going to be very touch and go whether i'll reach it, especially with the festive activities later this month. It's something to aim for nonetheless...
Happy Holidays!


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