Friday, 18 December 2009


Just a quick update...

Ive got my desktop back now so am playing on there rather than my laptop. As a result my December results are split between the laptop and the desktop which means you'll have to wait a little while longer for stats etc as ill play 99% on my desktop again now but it'll take some time to grow some new graphs with reasonable volume.

I have just played my worst ever set of sngs hence me blogging to get away from the tables.... Just lost every flip and when i got it in good, lost as well :(
I'll post my Decemember graph from the last few days (since i got my desktop back) below. Look at my adjusted EV line and that sum up the session i just had... lol

GREEN = actual profit  RED = EV adjusted profit

And here is my sharkscope graph from Decemember 1st through to November 18th for all sngs.

Just as i slowly started clawing back some profits and moving upwards again i just have a $200 losing session. So demoralising... I guess i just need to put some more volume in really as my average games per day is pretty naff at the moment. I should be aiming to average 75 games+ a day ideally rather than my current 24/day average...

I'll leave it there for now and go get some rest instead i think.

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L4Y SP said...

no probs matthew , we sng grinders need to support each other cos sometimes its pretty brutal , gl , L4