Sunday, 5 December 2010

Bench Clearance

Some footage from last nights Nottingham v Coventry hockey match - well worth a watch!
Neither are my team (Cardiff Devils) but they're both top teams in our league.

For anyone not a hockey regular who doesn't understand fighting in the game. Its a good explanation of how a poor refereeing decision is usually the cause of most fights.

Bench clearances are quite rare - maybe one or two per season across the whole league - but are always fun to watch and get the adrenaline flowing both on and off the ice.

One of the things i love about hockey is how it can be so physical on the ice yet the home and away fans all 'get on' reasonably well. You never get fighting or anything and can quite often have a chat in the bar and mingle both pre and post match whereas in football, on the pitch they fall over at the slightest touch and then all the fans try to kill each other after the match....

Hockey FTW imo...

Shattered now and got to be up in 4 hours to get to the rink for Cardiff v Dundee game! - Sleep zzz

EDIT: And there was a bit more of the same after they restarted the game...


Carl Ashfield said...

just started reading ur blog man, im new to this. so bare with me on my blog lol.

Ivydrive said...

No worries. Thanks for following - Hope i make partial sense at least some of the time :) If you go back far enough in my blog you may even find a time when i was actually making some $$$! haha

I'll add you to blog list now.

GL at the tables :)

Amatay said...

hey mate, nice blog. get yourself signed up to gd banter :)

Ivydrive said...

Cheers for the nice comment. Same goes for your blog!
Upon your advise, i've just signed up to RTR
Perhaps in return you could add me to your prestigious blog list.