Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Full Tilt Rant...

Full Tilt suck!

I tried to transfer some of my tourney winnings out of my account the other day after winning that little $5 turbo but they wouldn't let me! They told me i needed to make a deposit on a bank card and then i could withdraw to that account. No worries i thought, tried to deposit - Unsuccessful. And into the bargain they then freeze my account until i send them proof of ID. I do this and then have to wait 2 days for a generic, copy/pasted reply informing me my photo IDs not valid and nor is my bank statement as its over 60 days old. No response to my comments/questions in my previous email to them!

I replied attaching a choice of 2 different bank statements/utility bills and further explanation as to why i'm not able to meet their photo ID requirements (my passports out of date). I also requested a prompt response seeing as time is dragging on with MY funds frozen in THEIR bank accounts making them money.

3 days later and i'm still waiting for a reply! When they eventually get around to it, no doubt i'll get another copy/pasted response which doesn't directly address any of my previous questions! All i want is my money - i don't care if i can never play there again! In fact, i may even choose not to if this drags on much longer!

sigh :(

I wish more sites had MAC compatible clients so i had more choice of sites!

Rant Over.


dodgyhodgy said...

As a thought, does any of your mates have a full tilt account where you could transfer into their account for them to cash out for you, or is this not feasable now that your account is frozen.

Ivydrive said...

Sadly not - I actually tried transferring the funds to begin with but they wouldn't let me and told me to register a card by making a deposit - I do that and thats when they decide it'd be nice to freeze the account altogether.

I don't mind a few security checks but i'm given them about 6 different documents now to choose from and on top of that - the main thing is the time they take to reply. 4 days since i last heard off them now and still waiting.

Pokerstars would've had this sorted over a week ago.

njbh86 said...

Given the events of the past few days, this takes on a new complexion, n'est-ce pas?

Ivydrive said...

Pretty much sums them up. I genuinely don't know how they've become so successful given the extremely poor way they run their business so the latest news doesn't surprise me in the slightest. I stupidly still have funds on there, albeit rather minimal funds (about $80 i think). Once/if i get the chance to take them off i will do and it'll be the last dealings i have with them.

Good to see Ivey taking a stand against them - They're quickly becoming the new UB/AP.