Thursday, 16 December 2010

Highs & Lows

After my earlier post talking of my good feelings about December things took a turn for the worse...
Eleven of the last thirteen days have been losing ones which obviously hasn't helped my micro bankroll much! I was getting quite a few deepish runs but kept coming up short all the time - Just the nature of playing MTTs. Despite this and my rapidly shrinking bankroll i still felt positive (ish) and kept on grinding away. I was playing well and knew a big score was just around the corner.

My Pokerstars Cashier was looking extremely unhealthy and i was forced to grind $1 tourneys but to no avail... My current bankroll on Stars stands at $0.04. I was subdued to the fact that i'd have redeposit on there but in an ironic twist, i entered a $5.50 turbo on Full Tilt this evening as it caught my eye during late registration. I like turbos... see myself as a lower volume and micro stakes version of MI_Turtle. haha
Not only did i have another deep run but somehow managed to take it down! Not once do i recall getting my $ in bad either (except against short stacks). Just managed to win my flips when it mattered and pick up the blinds when i got a chance. There was a monster stack at the Final table who did a good job of running hot and basically killed every pot he was in! He made life quite easy for me as i managed to win a few flips and grind my way to HU with him. A few minutes of chipping up a little and i got it in with 6's v his A9 and the 6 on the flop gave me a set and the chip lead, albeit by the equivalent of a SB or something stupid.
At this point he offered a chip EV deal which i happily accepted as the blinds were so big i was happy to take the $815 and the tourney win on paper.
I think i had the advantage over him but with such big blinds and a fragile bankroll i thought it best to just get the $ in the bank so to speak.

SO... Finally i'm back on form with a little MTT win. Not huge by any means but at least i have some $ to work with now and will be able to avoid the embarrassment of having to redeposit if i can find someone to do a Full Tilt to Stars transfer.

In other news, I went to the solicitors last week and signed the papers to my house so all going well i'll be a homeowner as of next week and be £20k richer... well kinda.
I'm buying the house off my parents so i'm getting a decent deal on the place and getting £20k back off them when the mortgage money comes through to spend on doing a load of work on the place. Looks like 2011 could be a busy year development wise.

I could really do with some run good indefinitely now i have a mortgage to cover!

Also... SNOW forecast for Friday and over the weekend... Result.


dodgyhodgy said...

Following you with great interest and antisipation. Well done Matt, see you on the poker curcuit soon, regards dodgyhodgy

Ivydrive said...

Thanks Mike.

Hoping to have plenty more nice mtt results to report soon :)

Theres plenty more where that came from - Just need to get some volume in - Christmas period and loads of plans isn't very good for grinding as i seem to be busy pretty much every day!