Saturday, 11 October 2008

The Beginning....

So... I've decided to take the plunge and start keeping a blog to keep track of my progress as i venture into what is a new form of Poker for me.... Cash games.

Since the beginning I've always specialised in multi table tournaments and SnG's however have been lacking motivation recently and as a result, lacking in results and therefore money! In an attempt to re motivate myself, i decided to subscribe to Card Runners (as well as PokerXfactor where I'm already a long term member) and also invest in some cash game tracking software so set about purchasing Poker Tracker 3 and Poker Tracker Omaha. The original plan was to play non hold em based cash games as the Razz games ($2/4 & $3/6) on Full Tilt have proved pretty profitable so far. I've actually found myself playing Hold em though and it's been a pretty good start.

I've been playing at FTP as it's easy to data mine the tables and the games don't seem too tough. I think that the mixed cash games are probably more profitable and i will get onto playing those in the future however am going to basically start at the very beginning and try to build a bankroll using cash game NLHE and PLHE.

Having uploaded my old hand histories it became evident that i had never had a winning session in NLHE cash games! I hadn't played too many but it still came as quite a surprise considering my relative success in mtt's over the past 2 years. I think Ive simply been far too aggressive in them and playing them like sngs! This is clearly not a profitable strategy.

The poker tracker software is awesome and has already helped me massively both to keep my game on track, track other peoples play (so i know when to steal to blinds and when not to, etc) and also to generally keep track of my sessions and profits. It's made for some interesting reading...

I've been playing a few short sessions at .10/.25 (low stakes i know but going to try to rebuild a bankroll from the bottom and work my way up slowly) and actually had some encouraging results. Having played 4 sessions so far, all 4 have been profitable so far! I know it's a very small sample size but considering my past results I've clearly improved vastly already! Not too sure what kind of hourly profit is good at .10/.25 limits but I'm currently working on $28.78 p/hr. Better than i earn from my day job so just got to see if i can keep it up and improve it as i move up the limits now. Total profit so far of $99.30 - not huge but its certainly nice to be winning consistently unlike my recent mtt and sng results which weren't going so well!

Anyway, apologies if my grammar isn't great (as if anyone will be reading this anyway!)

Haven't written anything like this since high school a good few years back!

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