Tuesday, 14 October 2008

A few days in... All is good!

I'm pretty pleased after my first few days at the tables. I've not actually played many sessions and the ones i have played were pretty short but fairly sweet... I think i must be running well at the moment as my hands seem to be holding up in general and i even caught a 2 outer in one hand with J's v Q's where the chips went in pre-flop vs a relative short stacked player.

I'm not sure how long other peoples sessions are but i find mine are pretty short. I tend to take a few hands to settle into the table then start making a few chips then after 30 mins or so start feeling a bit uneasy and itchy and end up finishing the session. I think I'm scared of having a losing session! lol Not sure if its good or bad - I'm guessing the latter...

Above is a graph showing my October earnings so far (well i say October, i only started tracking 6 days ago...). All is well apart from a couple of issues i have.
I'm actually about $25 down with my 'money $ won with showdown' which i need obviously need to do some work on! It's not a big problem at the moment as even in the top cash players it usually only accounts for a relatively small proportion of their earnings - Most the money comes from hands that go all the way to showdown... That said, i shouldn't be losing money from it!

Also, something i cant do much about is rake. Ive paid $40.65 in rake so far and have no form of rake back program on Full Tilt. It's quite annoying really as i don't want to change my account name and have to reopen a new account but it's like throwing money away not claiming rake back... I have rake back on Cake poker but PT3 doesn't work with it at the moment and i think I'd struggle without it! Even in a commercial fishing pond like Cake!

I'm going post on the PxF forums i think (as i find them better than the card runner forums) about your expected $/Hr rate or BB/hr rate at different stakes. I'm currently running at 52.7 BB/hr & $26.35/hr at the $25NL and that's playing just an average of 2.2 tables at a time over 8 sessions (each session averaging 49 mins each).
The above stats strike me as being pretty impressively high so I'm just bracing myself for variance to kick in and my numbers to plummet. Anyway, while it's going well I'll just keep grinding i guess!

If anyone can help with any of my above queries feel free to drop me message! Cheers

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