Friday, 24 October 2008

Poker stars here we come...

Up until recently Ive been playing just on Full Tilt so decided we'd have a change of scenery and test out some new waters...

Monday - playing on Full Tilt i had a fairly relaxed couple of short fun sessions really. nothing serious and ended the day with a small profit of $12.55. One thing that baffled me today though is my 'red line'.... My show down winnings were pretty good today but my non showdown winning (AKA red line) were dire! If i knew where the cash was going it'd be OK but i really struggle to see where I'm losing all these pots without showdown! not sure if its variance or me playing poorly. I'm going to guess the latter based on the fact I'm too much of a fish to work it out even with the Poker Tracker stats in front of me!

Tuesday - Didn't play today... In fact I'm not too sure what i did today! would have hardly noticed if the didn't exist!

Wednesday - After a £20 buy in shorthanded home game where i finished my usual 4th outside of the cash i headed home for a short late night online session - First stop was Party (with my very limited bankroll of just 2 buy ins for $25NL - i will reload there at some point i expect). The games on Party were pretty good, very loose and passive. I think it'd take me a while to adapt to that kinda of player as full tilt has a mix of good players and bad. Party seems to be largely poor play which is almost more difficult to play against to start! The software was a bit frustrating as it didn't seem to work with my HUD stats properly which annoyed me a bit. Overall i ended up $19 down which was frustrating but the session was a positive one and the games are definitely profitable long term! most of that loss came from a hand, all chips went in preflop where i had A's v QTos... you work that one out - he naturally outdrew me though rivering a straight... After that a couple other beats i decided to call it a night and protect what little bankroll i had left for a day when I'm running better!

Thursday - Weathers been naff today! hasn't stopped raining all day! (well my day anyway which starts at about 4pm! lol Went to a motor show in the evening and then out with the motor club for a Chinese. The motor club boys are really unbelievable - gotta be seen to be believed. Some of the stuff they come out with is soooo funny but hugely embarrassing to be associated with them - i genuinely don't know how they don't get us thrown out of the restaurant.
Tonight was particularly funny as they decided it'd be a good idea to pretend it was the one guys birthday when he came in late and sang happy birthday at the top of their voices (i quietly joined in and played along) in this restaurant all so they could try to scab some free food. then decided to do it again when the other lad came in late and told the waitresses they were twins! lol (they obviously aren't and neither was it either of their birthdays!) - They did managed to scab balloons and a slice of cake with candle, and attention from the staff mind! After a nice and sideways drive home through the lanes i settled in to an evening/night of ice hockey and watched as my beloved Maple Leafs turned a 2 nil deficit after the 1st period into a 3-2 win by the end of the game! yay! They're playing well this season! Also, a pretty impressive hit by one of the Bruins players that put Mike Van Ryn THROUGH the plexi glass! only people hurt were a couple of fans though who got covered in the shattered glass! lol

Anyway, after all that i settled into a couple hours poker... Decided to give ipoker a shot but couldn't get poker tracker to track the games for some reason. Hardly seemed worth the hassle either as the games were unexpectedly tight and small average pot size which i wasn't really expecting on the ipoker network - it's usually pretty fishy. Anyway, after losing a $10 pot by attempting to represent an A by three betting someone i had no stats on i decided it best to run to a different site. Poker stars then became my site of choice and i was actually pretty impressed! There were some very tasty looking tables on offer! i quickly jumped into 2 and they didn't disappoint! People 3betting and even 4 betting with very little. My cards were very nice as well being dealt plenty of premiums... The only problem, and it proved to be quite a costly one, was that my hands were being outdrawn relentlessly! After 30 minutes at these awesome tables i found myself over 4 buy ins down! $110 almost in the red! Rather than give up, i opened up another 2 tables and then soon after changed the original 2 tables as the profitable players had hit and run with all my money! i ended up spending the next hour and half grinding my way back up! Still ended up $30.20 down but its a lot better than it could've been!

To illustrate the kinda results i was getting here's a few examples.
Hand Amount of times dealt in session Amount won/lost
AA 2 -$10.75 (vs T2 despite me 3 betting preflop!!!)
AK(os) 8!!! -$4.70 (i don't think i hit the board once all night!)
AQ 6 -$17.50
AJ 5 -$1.75
KQ 9!!! -$36.45
KJ 7 -$19.85

Anyone notice a trend? Some of it may have been down to small mistakes by me.. possibly my AQ hand where i tried to squeeze with TPTK but walked into a set but other than that it was largely down to missing flops and cont. bets not getting through. Need i say it but my red lines not too good on stars either! lol I'll definitely be putting some more time in on stars though as the games were actually much softer than I'd expected...

This updates gone on a bit tonight so I'll leave it there for now! I shan't bore you with any graphs this post either. It's long enough already! wish me a bit more luck for future sessions please?! i need it to avoid life tilt :)

Over and out...

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