Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Better days...

06:06am Wednesday November 12th

I've been totally away from things over the weekend and totally lost track of time! Saturday evening was my first ever rally. The Peak Revs Road Rally, starting in Leominster, about an hour and half drive away. Got up around 3pm and watched the Welsh game of rugby while rushing to get things ready as I'd arranged to meet my driver at 4 in Brynmawr! I obviously wasn't going to be there on time (no surprises there for those of you who know me!) so had to text him and apologies. Eventually made it to his by about 4.45 and we quickly left to head up to the start. It was both our first events so we weren't too sure what to expect and to make it more stressful, other than plotting and reading OS Maps, i barely understood the format and time cards etc on road events! It's a bit like poker i guess where to the outside it seems easy but theres so much more to it. The idea is to plot a route given to you about an hour and half before the official start then drive it, visiting different controls (to prove you've taken the correct route) averaging 30mph. Sounds simple but its far from it and totally impossible to average 30 the whole way! You've got to stop at the controls so obv lose a lot of time there, if you wrong slot or similar you lose A LOT of time, you get 'fails' if you don't visit certain controls or if you approach them from the wrong direction which all does against your final result. Put simply, they're pretty difficult and hard work! Its basically 120 of flat out driving through the lanes, forests and white goers (some of which you wouldn't even think a car could get down)!
We started at 00.39am (we were car 59 so started 59 mins after car 1 hence the odd time) and got to the finish at about 6.15am which was out main aim! Despite a nightmare start things slowly picked up as we got the hang of it and we actually ended up doing OK! 7th in class (out of 15) and about 35th o/a (out of 60). and only 1 off sideways into a hedge on a tightening 90 left although we had a few other moments...

Anyway, enough of rallying for now! As a result i wasn't home till about midday on Sunday having had no sleep so slept most the afternoon, then most the following night and day as well. Managed to miss most of the WSOP Final Table coverage which was annoying, only saw a bit of the HU and then read up on the rest. Also missed the Calzaghe v Jones Jr fight but got it recorded so that was fine, watched it back Sunday night!

Eventually got around to playing some poker on Monday night (i couldn't sleep after sleeping most the previous day! - 13 hours) No idea how Henry managed to sleep 23 hours though - that's just madness! Care to explain if you read this Swiss? lol
played 2 tables of .10/.25 PLO on Full Tilt and finished +$44.35 up on the one table and +$1.25 up on the other so it was nice to claw some ash back for a change. Later that evening played 3 HU sngs in PLO against the same opponent whom kept offering a rematch and i won all 3 of those too! I did run quite nicely in the HU mind! ended the day +$77.10 which was a pleasant change considering my recent results!

This evening i was having another fairly lazy time.. Played the $5 WPL tourney and got 2nd/13, got it in good HU only to get 3 outted and come 2nd, its only a bit of fun though so i don't even track the results from the WPL tourneys - they're definitely profitable though and a good laugh too!

Later this evening, after reading the PxF forums about bankroll building and how some guy claims to be able to get from $450 to $12,000 multi tabling 20 or so $10 and $20 sngs on Stars by Xmas! I decided to have a crack and opened up Stars and started 2 $16 turbos and 2 45 seat $12 turbos.
The 2 $16 ones weren't too successful with me busting in 7th and 6th place. A combination of bad play and bad luck... i wont bother with the HH's now. The 45 seaters on the other hand went well. I played much better and got the breaks at the right times, well most the time! Got 3 outed a few times in the but made a nice comeback! won the 1 outright and took 3rd in the other giving me $142 profit from the one and $65 in profit from the other - I can't complain at that! It was nice to take down a tourney again, even if it was only a 45 seater!
Anyway, the day ended +$175 so I'm fairly happy with that. I'm finally in profit for the month and have something to build on again!

Ship it!

To finish, a couple pics from the Road Rally:

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