Friday, 7 November 2008



Unusual for me to be writing in my blog at 12.45 in the afternoon! Just had a super frustrating session though so thought I'd write it down to make make it go away. lol

After a far from active day yesterday, in poker terms anyway, i didn't think I'd get much time to play today either but have managed to squeeze in an hours session now over lunch before my busy afternoon begins... I kinda wish i couldn't have fitted it in now though as it went far from smoothly.

After watching the Card Runners PLO videos the other night, i thought I'd sit down at a .10/.25 plo table and give it a whirl. I genuinely think i played the session fairly well, obviously i have more than a few leaks seeing as Ive only just started playing them seriously but ended the session in the red, -$43.25

Before i begin, I'll ask as ever, if you fancy giving me some advice on how i played the hands in your opinion, its usually appreciated!
Biggest pot i lost was $59.20... I was in the BB with A864 (the A being suited). early pos raises to .55 and gets 2 callers. i complete from the BB with my marginal hand because of the suited A plus it was costing me .30 to get into a pot of $1.90 so a no brainer really i thought.
Flop come A52 (2 spades - not helping me as i had none!) giving me a gut shot and top pair. i actually misread my hand to begin with and led out with a $2 bet thinking i had 2 pair (into the $2.20 pot) and got 1 caller, the SB so i had position for the rest of the hand. turn brought the 3 hearts giving me the nuts at that time but make 2 possible flush draws, neither of which i had...
The SB now led out into me with a half pot bet making the pot $9.30, this looked weak to me and drawy so i re potted it to $15.50, looking to get it all in. The river then brought the 9 spades meaning if he had a spade flush draw, he'd just made it else i was good. He then shoved the river... Great, i called feeling i was behind but it was costing me $11 to win a $59.20 so i think i had to call as he could've shoved the river with a straight or similar i think.
If he'd had a huge hand then i wouldn't mind so much but he had KQJ8 single suited so basically had nothing but a flush draw the entire hand!

This was by far the biggest pot but i also lost hands with top set of K's v another flush draw but folded them on the river then other chap made his flush...

lost a pot with J's on a 335 flop V's someone with AJ39, not too sure why they were even in the hand, raising it from utg.

another pot went astray when i re popped a short stack with a flush draw on the flop and he called with an over pair (8's) which stood up v my draw and over cards)

And made another BIG lay down with top 2 pair and the nut flush draw on the flop! I accidentally timed out while deciding whether to re raise the 2 other players or flat call, decided on flat calling and trying to call it down as i thought at least one of them had a set but accidentally timed out but my read was right, and i wouldn't have got there with the draw (no surprise there then).

Oh well, on another day i could've been +$100 after today's session but instead ended it in the red :( I definitely think i make this game profitable for me... the question is how profitable though and whether i can stand the obvious sick variance it deals out....

We'll have to see as the month goes on.

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