Thursday, 6 November 2008

A new month...

05:22am so i really need to get to bed. We'll keep this short.

Not been up to much really so far this month. Moved back to some of the small mtt's and sngs but not played anything properly. I was in profit for the month until this evening but am now down $53.10 mainly thanks to me blowing $25 in a 5 re buy (i swear i run really crap in re buy periods!) and then took a shot at a $33 tourney which i was playing well and chipped up but then hit my usual boredom syndrome and ended up bluffing it all off trying to play my big stack aggressively and ended up busting outside the $$$ - not too bothered as i know exactly where the errors were. I basically played crap. My heart just isn't in it at the moment. Really not sure how to get it back! I think its because Ive been running a bit naff and not had a nice win for a good few months so its got me down a bit.

Spent tonight watching a card runners video on PLO cash games which was actually really interesting. It was one of the really basic ones so i wasn't expecting much (as i know the basics!) but there were a few good observations about connecting cards with gaps and how gaps at the tom are much worse than bottom gaps etc. I wont go into details :) I then spent some time figuring out how to use my Poker Tracker Omaha and setting it up. Haven't really got my head around how to use it with some of the less mainstream sites yet but have managed to set it up for the main sites and log a few test hands on Full Tilt which is probably where I'll begin playing...

I'll leave it there for now. need to get some sleep as i haven't been feeling too well recently

Excellent evening on Monday at the Devils Halloween party but we'll leave that for another time! lol

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