Sunday, 30 November 2008

So Close! :(

I haven't player too much the last few days for various reasons but decided to play the free roll satellite into the World Cup of Poker. Basically there were 2 free rolls and top 9 from each go through to the final on the Sunday. fields of around 400 in each of them. I donked out of the first free roll in about 50th place but managed to qualify in the second which meant I'd made the final, top 18 shootout where the top 2 go though. The final started today at 2pm local time and I'd been out night rallying in Brecon all last night and didn't get home till gone 5am! Add to that the fact that it was probably -5 up there all night, ice everywhere (meant for plenty of action on the event and some interesting driving conditions through the lanes but that's another story!) and I'm still unwell! its been about 4 weeks now and still drags on :( i actually have no voice at all for the past 2 days! i can only whisper. lol Anyway, all that meant that i wasn't feeling my best when i clambered out of my warm bed at just gone 2pm to force myself to play this tourney. The entire way through, as ever with my tourneys, i was nursing a short stack... Managed to keep clawing my way up the places though until i eventually found myself 3 handed and on the bubble of being part of Team GB albeit as the short stack. Anyway, i turned my hand to some power poker and managed to clamber into 2nd place with about 7.5k in chips to the shorter stacks 6k. In the BB and the big stack, once again raises so i reshove with AK suited, don't think theres much more i could do, then the board bricked out... and his pocket 4's stood up leaving me cruelly out on the bubble! Always the way. grrr nothing to show for it either which makes it even more annoying! Neither of the other 2 players were that good. I think my results were about the most solid of them both but there were go. it's all irrelevant. The one odd thing is that the guy who knocked me out is 'Purr of Aces' who has a won a seat into the WCOP GB team a couple years back! but he's not even a great player. After being at his table 2 days running, he just seems to run incredibly hot and get lucky all the time. Perhaps I'm just sour but it does seem a bit fixed. lol (even though i don't believe in poker sites fixing things. especially stars!) Oh well. there we go. I'm sure ill get lucky one day! :( Perhaps i should've flatted with the AK and seen a flop but it just feels so weak against a serial raising big stack who had already folded to a few of my reshoves...

bubble boy...

Apart from this tourney, as i say, i haven't played too much. Thursday saw me lose all 6 tourneys i entered. Wednesday was a bit better - played a mix of 12 sngs ranging from stt to 180 seaters. scraped into the cash in 22 and won one of 45 seaters outright but all the other loses meant i only had a slightly positive figure at the end of the day so another waste of time. I really need to get a half decent bankroll again and go back to the mtt's i think. They suit my style so much better as i think Ive demonstrated in these WCOP free roll donkfests (although that said, compared to other free rolls, the standard was a lot higher in these as a general rule).

I'll leave it there for now as i feel awful, cold and am being moaned at to take recycling out by the missus so I'll be back with another, hopefully more positive post soon :)

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