Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Life Tilt...

I genuinely am suffering from it!

I've been feeling quite positive and happy in myself the last few days which is odd considering how tough a time I'm having of it at the tables. I had a good time on the weekend, let my hair down a bit after the rugby at a [spunge] gig - went and did a spot of skanking in the pit while a bit drunk. Was good fun, made better by the fact there were plenty of decent girls around. lol
Ice Hockey on Sunday was decent with Devils winning 4-1 and we went out to celebrate after with a nice meal. It was Emma's birthday Monday so had another relaxing day ending in a pleasant meal out... Dad went into hospital for his operation which went OK but he's not able to do much other than hobble around! I think a lot of my positive feeling has been down to me sorting out my sleeping pattern! I'm sleeping at almost normal times now; for the first time in a long time! The only bad thing at the moment is that I'm STILL feeling ill! its been about 3 weeks now! i went to the doctor who was no help and said it seemed viral so they couldn't do a lot but i just cant shake it off! Hopefully it goes away soon as i don't feel great with it! Just constantly under the weather :(

At the tables its been a pretty dismal time as late, my bad beat stories continue and just seem endless. i don't think I'm playing badly, just not getting any breaks but then again, i am starting to question my play which probably isn't good for my confidence! I've moved down stakes to an extent, playing $6.50 tables now! and $11 non turbo sngs to try to reduce the variance. I have to admit, the non turbo's seem a lot softer than the turbos although that said... i still cant win at them!!!! i keep getting unlucky on the bubble and busting out either just short of the cash or in 3rd!

I may have previously mentioned that I'm chasing a bonus on stars which is actually going to take some achieving to get! I'm also trying to get to Silver star on Stars, i only decided to pursue this about couple of days ago though so i basically have to get over 1000 fpp's by the end of the month! It may not sound too hard if you play higher stakes or are higher up the stars reward ladder but at bronze star and with a FAR FROM HEALTHY bankroll after my recent bad run its looking almost impossible!!!! After cashing out $500 from stars a few weeks back, Ive done nothing but lose money and have dropped about $400 in just over a week! that's basically like a 35 buy in downswing for me with the stakes i play and it shows little sign of slowing down! I refuse to play any lower than I'm currently playing because its just not worth my time! I may, for the first time in a long time (probably over a year!), have to redeposit to help boost my bankroll there! and just when the £ has lost all value against the $! i should be withdrawing now, not thinking about reloading! :( I'm going to struggle on with $135 bankroll and hopefully start picking up a few scores again before the bankroll evaporates but if if continues as it has been, ill be depositing long before the week is out! lol

Ive watched a sngs PXF video today with /beanmo who's a sng legend and also invested £66 (damn exchange rate! grr) in SitnGo Wizard software so i could go over my recent sngs push/fold seeing as my problem seems to be around the bubble! Typical that i cant even get it working properly! i can get all my old hand histories to open but not my most recent ones! This hasn't helped with my life tilt. I thik i may just call it a night and get some sleep and hope i feel better in the morning!

Things cant get too much worse in poker terms anyway (or at least i hope they cant!)

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