Friday, 21 November 2008


Not played a whole lot but thought I'd post an update as its been a few days.

Had a good day on Tuesday, ended up $48 in profit as i won a 18 seat sng. lost a couple too mind. lol
Wednesday ended up $12.10 down so basically break even. just didn't catch any breaks really, losing flips left right and centre so the fact i was only just down is a good result.

Played just one double or nothing PLO sng which i cashed in so was +$9.60 for the day. woo

Today's been a nightmare. still playing now but thought I'd post here at the same time as i cant believe what I'm seeing. lol Never had a day like it!
AK v KJ all in pre - J comes...
Q's v J's, all in pre, J on flop
K's v 9's, all in pre, 9 on flop
AT v AQ, all in on a ATx flop, Q on river
and the best to last... AK v 5's on a AKxx board, all chips went in on turn (5's re shoved!), i called for all my chips with top 2 pair AND nut flush draw... river 5 : unbelievable....

And that's just naming a few hands - there were definitely more. lol

I've kept my cool so far as Ive been playing OK and getting the chips in good but it's slowly starting to get to me as the bad beats are getting a bit relentless! -$76.20 so far today and counting :)

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